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Founded on the shared belief that all children deserve access to a great education, in 1990, Teach For America and the South Louisiana community formed a partnership to help meet the huge demand for leadership in education at the classroom, school, and system level. Twenty five years later, with the continued support of community leaders and partners, 70 corps members and over 250 alumni and students are proving every year that with hard work, determination, and partnerships across the community, all South Louisiana students can achieve at the highest levels.

Our vision is that the students of South Louisiana receive the education they deserve and become the leaders of our state. Post Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana’s troubled education system was at the forefront of national news. The focus on New Orleans brought hundreds of leaders and innovators to the area—many of them with Teach For America roots. Less than a decade after disaster, great progress has been made to turn around failing schools in New Orleans. But in the Capital Region, students in Baton Rouge and rural Louisiana communities are facing the same massive obstacles to an excellent education as their peers in New Orleans.

In partnership with educators and advocates of all backgrounds, we’re proud of the role our people have played over the last 26 years, expanding opportunity for students in South Louisiana. Our connected community is reaching unprecedented growth in bringing educational opportunities to all children. Teach For America’s South Louisiana community plays a leading role in many of the region’s organizations, while also impacting our educational landscape. Ten TFA school leaders are working throughout South Louisiana to lead students to academic gains, and the State Superintendent of Education, a TFA alumnus, works to create equitable statewide policies that will change the trajectory of Louisiana students. They do so given a combination of the skills they built in the classroom and their deep conviction that all students can achieve. With our training and the generous support of our network, your path will be one only you can chart.

When diverse, dynamic people come together, incredible things can happen –our network is proof of it.


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